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Hat selection method

From:HUAWEI PRODUCTION | Date:2013-11-03 | Hits: 6006 Times
Hat how to choose? A suitable hat is a lot of people have been groping problem, then we will give you a little meaning. According to the first face choose appropriate hat. A man's face as quadrate face (the word), circular (round) and pointed face (tip) three. Round dome cap, face is big, small cap. Such as wear wide cap is more appropriate. Pointed face man wearing a cap is on the face large under small, more show thin. So the dome cap is more appropriate. The word face all people wear hat is more appropriate.

Want to choose according to his figure next hat. Hat should be unfavorable small height, otherwise for head light foot heavy feeling. A man short, on the other hand. Tall women should not be high cap, otherwise the sense that gives a person is "and" taller. Should not be short miss Dai Ping wide-brimmed hat, can appear is more short. Wear a hat and clothes, to try to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, even put the satisfaction, and to make people see the regards. Hat and color must be in the form of clothing, scarves, gloves and shoes, etc. Ladies with a pair of glasses, and don't hats with complicated ornamental design, unfavorable to hat obscure forehead, hat, this can show your natural and unrestrained manner and elegant temperament.

Man hat which number is the size of the finger on the number of centimeters around, so the choose and buy is very convenient. But considering some hat after washing shrinkage, therefore should be slightly larger when buying. The general adult male cap number is 55, 56, beanie is 50 to 55, baby hat is 42-46. Adult female hat, sun hat, and sport cap points 1-3 three only. Knitting hat regardless of size, it can scale to deal with, some weight - g can be used to calculate.